Takashi Fukushima, M.D. is a highly-skilled physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine with over 14 years of experience in the acute medical unit and ER in one of the largest hospitals in Tokyo, Kyorin University Hospital. He is an expert in comprehensive medical examinations with over 10 years of experience, and has been an occupational health physician at KDDI as a health consultant for over 4000 employees. 

He has also been an auditor and educator for physicians at Tachikawa Hospital. After discovering the limits of anti-cancer therapy through his experience in treating cancer patients, he founded his clinic, Mitaka Healthcare Clinic, and started providing ANK cancer immunotherapy. 

He has specialized experience in ANK cancer immunotherapy for over 10 years in a wide variety of cancers including rare cancers such as peritoneal cancer or refractory cancers such as malignant lymphoma. Currently, he is also treating over 1000 patients monthly, specializing in respiratory diseases, vascular diseases, and other lifestyle diseases, as well as working as an autopsy specialist and an occupational health physician for FC Tokyo.

Media Interviews

 Published in Japanese article “Reliable Doctor” Musashino, Tama, Hachioji VER 2015-2016 p.119

 Interviewed and published monthly in magazine by Japanese show “TV Hospital” on ANK therapy


Kyorin University, Faculty of Medicine, 1994

Work Experience

May 1994 – Mar 1999Medical Doctor Kyorin University Hospital, Geriatric Medical Dept.
Apr 1999 – Nov 2009Medical Doctor Kyorin University Hospital, General Practice Dept.
Jul 1999 – Sep 2000Physician Shanghai Pudong Senmao Clinic
Apr 2001 – May 2004Chief Physician Tachikawa Hospital, Internal Dept.
Cancer diagnose and treatment (anti-cancer drugs)
Apr 2004 – Nov 2009Chief Physician Kugayama Hospital, Internal Dept.
Jun 2006 – Nov 2009Occupational Health Physician KDDI Corporation, Shinjuku Office
Sole health consultant for over 4000 employees | Involved in startup of UQ Communications Inc.
Apr 2007 – Mar 2009Physician Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital
Dec 2009 – PresentClinic Director Mitaka Healthcare Clinic
Diagnoses 1000 patients per month | 10 years of ANK cancer therapy experience 
Apr 2010 – PresentAutopsy Specialist Tokyo Medical Association
Sep 2019 – PresentOccupational Health Physician | FC Tokyo

Registration with Professional Bodies

The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine | Japan Medical Association | The Japan Diabetes Society

Types of cancers treated at our clinic:

Lung Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer, Pharyngeal Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Hepatoma, Cholangiocarcinoma, Gallbladder Cancer, Peritoneal Cancer, Gastrointestinal Stroma Tumor, Appendiceal Cancer, Small Intestine Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Sigmoid Colon Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Ureteral Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Undifferentiated Sarcoma, Malignant Lymphoma, Malignant Mesothelioma, Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma, Perineum Rhabdomyosarcoma, and Carcinoma of unknown primary.