Flow of ANK

In order to receive ANK immunotherapy, the patient must first have an interview with our doctor.

Interview Reservation

The sooner the patient consults with the doctor about treatment, the more options will be available for the patient. Please contact us by email. The person in charge will make an appointment for an interview with the doctor. We will arrange an interview specially, apart from general outpatient interview time, in order to make enough time for discussion. 

Interview date: Mon-Thu 1:30PM ~ 
*Thank you for understanding that we do not perform interviews via phone.


Interviews will be performed at the clinic. If the patient personally visits the clinic, a blood test to check the degree of anemia and HER2 may be performed (included in the interview fee). 

In the interview, please tell us in as much detail as possible about the patient’s condition in order to receive a more optimal treatment. First of all, please come to the clinic for an interview with your diagnostic data. 

We will propose the most effective treatment timely arranged in accordance with the patient’s condition and other scheduled examinations or standard treatments. The effect of the treatment is not constant and depends on the condition of the patient, so please consider thoroughly before applying.

Please download the interview sheet from the following link, fill in the paper, and bring it along with you to the interview.

Apply for Treatment

If you consent to receiving ANK immunotherapy, please submit the consent forms, which are provided during the interview, to the clinic. Once you apply, we will arrange the schedule of lymphocyte collection.

Lymphocyte Collection

Lymphocytes required for culture will be collected at the clinic. Lymphocytes are collected using a dedicated blood component separation device. The time required for this process is approximately 3 hours. The collected concentrated lymphocytes will be brought to the cell culture center in Kyoto on the day of the collection. You may hire a specialist to transfer the cells or bring it over on your own.

Lymphocyte Culture

Lymphocyte culture plans vary depending on the number of treatments the patient applied for. Based on the patient’s condition, we will suggest the appropriate number of treatments at the time of the interview.

Infusion Treatment

Lymphocytes that are proliferated and activated through culture will be returned to the patient’s body through infusion treatment at the clinic.

The standard treatment duration is 6 weeks with 12 treatments. The treatment interval is usually twice a week, but may change depending on the patient’s condition. 

Please also consult the doctor regarding combining ANK therapy with other treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and molecular targeted drugs.